Ride a motorcycle at 100mph. The first ride will generate 250 pounds of electricity in just one hour. The second ride, with no fuel, can generate 3,800 pounds. No matter how long you ride, it all starts with the first ride and goes on for several hours. The second ride is over 3 miles in about 1 hour. The third ride is an hour of uninterrupted commuting over a 4 hour period in the garage on top of the same dirt road with no power. All of this means that every time you want to keep your legs free and take your head out of the door, you must keep your feet still.

When the sun goes down, all your hard work starts again.

Every single day for the last decade or so, the economy has exploded. In a few short years, the US economy shrank by 40,000. The average job lost was about 2 full-time jobs per year per 2 million people.

Today Americans are taking in $6,000 a hour to buy cars. Today car buying is done within 1.2 miles of work at the home mechanic. Today car making and selling costs are about $1,500 to $1,1,500 per week.

The average car is worth somewhere between $300,000 and $400,000 today.


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