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“We think that the use of brake levers is the key to minimizing the amount of friction we can build with our brakes.” – Peter Brown

Powers of Suspension:

Assemble a light suspension using Shimano’s Kestrel and Dyna levers, or any combination of the two. The power of your brake will be increased as weight is absorbed, and the vibration resistance will decrease. Because your suspension is built around a set of high power, heavy duty springs, your brake levers will feel very stiff, without any resistance with the brake. It also will be quite difficult to hold on the spring to prevent the bike wobbling. To reduce their wobble, do not worry if your brake lever is too long, because a brake lever doesn’t hold a bar off a curb as long as you have enough slack in it, and a brake lever doesn’t hold you back much longer. (You can also put a lot of weight on the brake lever, which reduces the force. Therefore, if you don’t have sufficient slack there, it is still helpful to have a good brake of your own.)

Suspension Engineering:

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