Review: Petrol generator

Review: Petrol generator
Review: Petrol generator

The Commission on the Promotion of Clean Engineering has recently approved in a final report a proposal to build three coal power stations in Bihari Vajpayee (BJP/Iguri) for electricity generation. (File photo: The Indian Express by Anil Sridhar)

With such coal power stations slated to be available by 2013, a final decision will be taken on the feasibility of converting the project into electricity. However, given that this will take more than five years to complete, a report for the government will be issued next year.

The proposed project would add 712 MW (634 MWh) to the current 577 MW (907 MWh) base project with a completion date of 1 November. Under this scheme, more than three-fourths of a million LNG units (nearly 25%) of which will be for local markets will be converted. On a practical level, this project will complement the existing BSE and MPG projects, including a large-scale deployment of large-scale coal plants in the city and a large-scale deployment of small-scale nuclear units over the next 10 years.

Based on the report submitted to the Minister of State for Indian Standards in 2013, the Commission on the Promotion of Clean Engineering (IPE) has been in contact with the government to help ensure it
Review: Petrol generator is so easy!

“I couldn’t agree more! The installation was such an experience that we had to buy some expensive parts from this company for our tank generator. I can now confidently say that Petrol is one of the BEST gas generator shops for gas in Canada!! Great job Petrol! I have used this generator to do gas delivery on this road and no-one has a better product on hand. The delivery time is better than most I have ever had for a gas generator. Thank you so much!” Mark
Review: Petrol generator

“The Petrol was amazing! We did several other runs and all worked great!”

“I love getting a free ride with this gas generator. If Petrol’s customers didn’t care about the reliability of gas in Canada, I wouldn’t use this generator. I purchased two of the bigger batteries and got one. I would highly recommend Petrol!”

– Lisa