Cloth Sets

Cloth Sets
Cloth Sets
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Mega set for super hydration. Extend your Beauty Week with the 8th mask for free!
Now your week has 8 days, and our set of 8 masks:
1. Cloth face mask CHEAP MONDAY After a long working day with Willow and Cocoa beans, 7DAYS, 28 ml
2. Cloth face mask POSITIVE TUESDAY Against bad mood with Melon and Mint pulp, 7DAYS, 28 ml
3. Cloth face mask LIGHT ENVIRONMENT While watching the TV series with White Tea and Pear, 7DAYS, 28 ml
4. Cloth face mask ACTIVE THURSDAY After sports with Peony and Blueberry, 7DAYS, 28 ml
5. Fire Friday Pre-Party Sheet Mask with Coconut Water and Lychee, 7DAYS, 28 ml
6. Face Mask ROMANTIC SATURDAY Before Date with Red Orange and Papaya, 7DAYS, 28 ml Cloth Sets
7. Sheet mask for the face RIGHT SUNDAY For complete relaxation with blue Agave and Lotus, 7DAYS, 28 ml
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