BlackBerry Evolve 64 GB Black

BlackBerry Evolve 64 GB Black
BlackBerry Evolve 64 GB BlackBlackBerry Evolve 64 GB Black & White 8GB. All models are model years of Samsung-branded hardware. See the Samsung Evolve 64 GB for more details.

Fully support 3D Touch (3D Touch)

Support for the F2.8+ F16+ is a major upgrade for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, with 3D Touch support on the latest software updates.

Samsung All-in-one 5.7-inch LCD display

Samsung All Accessory Laptop Dock

The S8 edge also has the Samsung All Accessory Dock to work as well as a removable battery cable. The dock’s display also features a backlighting panel that will enable you to keep your phone charged while in the middle of a conversation and in the middle of an office environment for added security.

The 4K Ultra HD Super AMOLED Full HD UHD Full HD LED Backlit LCD Interface

The 4K Ultra HD Full HD TV Interface is the way that the new display has been enhanced to be so much better in 3D, that Samsung has removed