The best free video converters. Although video conversion is considered to be an easier operation than editing, some people find it difficult to do so. This often happens due to the belief that conversion requires expensive or difficult software. But this is fundamentally wrong – in 2021 it is quite easy to find a simple and free video converter, including in Russian. The need to convert a video file can arise for various reasons. For example, the desire to play a video on a specific device, which may not support the format of this file. You may also need to compress files to save space, but without losing quality. Having understood the reasons, now you can turn to solutions. We’ve put together a list of the best video converters for Windows, where you can find the best one for your computer. Some need to be downloaded and installed, while others work online. You can also try Movavi Video Converter for free, which is a simple and effective program for converting video, audio and images.

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