Former – Nissan Cima VG30DET

Former – Nissan Cima VG30DET.

Three-ruble turbo with a leather interior on the ass …))) a very fascinating and rarest car, electric drive of all seats, cruise, abs, wipers on the mirrors, separate climate control, native CD changer for nine discs (SONY) with steering wheel controls, there was a touch screen with navigation, because the native tape recorder in the elbow. Motor VG30DE (T), turbo, once there was air suspension, LSD reducer, the state of a recovering car. I bought it not cheaply, and therefore far from being in the best condition.As the money arrives, I try to return.Brought under the order a headlight, fender, switch.Changed the anthers on the drives, changed the plugs, Japanese, platinum.Also oil, filter and so on little things.I practically did not drive a car, although I have owned it for almost a year.I rode only for diagnostics to electricians, and for refueling several times, Sima is not the only car, but I really like it.

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